Ved Udar Jiva

1,990.00 Inc.GST

Ved Udar Jiva is all in one solution for all stomach problems that almost everybody faces today. With regular use of this product one can get rid of all digestive problems.



Stomach serves as an engine for the human body and it needs to work properly. Ved Udar Jiva aids treatment to all those problems and gives a better way to enjoy life. Problems like constipation, bloating, low or poor metabolism can be cured. This kit can be used by any individual of any age and gender. It works in 5 ways starting with helping in excretion of accumulated waste then digestive starts working properly that makes metabolism strong giving energy entirely.
Improper and prolonged use of Allopathic drugs may damage your kidneys. Be aware!
Pain killers or analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) may lead to end-stage kidney disease.

Certain drugs used in high blood pressure, anticonvulsants, malaria-treating drugs, and certain antibiotics have shown to favour renal failure.

✓ Chemotherapy drugs ✓ People who are diabetic or have cardiovascular diseases often take multiple medications which increase their chances of kidney damage Intake of a few dietary supplements may also be a cause.


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