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Mass Buildo is formulated with herbal extracts and high-quality proteins for assisting slow and hard gainers in gaining mass.


Not everyone is born with musclfavouriteng genetics and can look like their favourite WWE superstar. Some are born and grow up skinny; they have very little muscle mass. Being thin and underweight is unhealthy and doesn’t make you feel good even if your friends think that you are lucky to have a thin or slim figure, and along with it, it brings in little confidence, embarrassment, missed opportunities and more. People who are thin are always looking for ways to build their muscles. Some people are naturally thin, and it is a challenge for them to gain weight and muscles. Building your entire body muscles takes time, patience, training, and a lot of hard work. In tone, a thin body needs an entirely different approach. Along with consistent training, and exercising, your diet needs to be adjusted, and your intake of proteins and calories need to be increased which help in building muscles.

Vediva Mass Buildo Powder is a 100% Ayurvedic supplement made to help people who are looking to get into shape, get rid of the taboo of being thin and build their muscles. Mass Buildo has got everything one needs to increase muscle mass and attain a better shape. The consumption of Mass Buildo will unquestionably help you in effective muscle gain towards a positive side. It contains ingredients like Whey Protein and Soybean Protein which have a significant amount of amino acids that are a must for muscle growth along with a number of herbal extracts; it has no side-effects, no chemicals, and no steroids. Regular ingestion of Mass Buildo gives you all the essential amino acids that not only assist you with the bodybuilding process but also speed up muscle recovery and tissue regeneration.


Mass Buildo is formulated with herbal extracts and high-quality proteins for assisting slow and hard gainers in gaining mass. The Ayurvedic formula in Mass Buildo is especially for those who are naturally skinny and find it difficult to gain weight. It gives you all the essential nutrients and proteins that are required for muscle and weight gain.

Mass Buildo is beneficial because:

  • It is easy to digest
  • Meets your intake of calorie requirement
  • 100% Ayurvedic
  • Promotes mass muscle gain and improves nutrition
  • It helps to maximize muscle tissue growth
  • Blend of Proteins and Herbs to enhance the mass gain
  • Helps in providing sustained energy
  • No artificial flavours, No Chemicals, No Steroids


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