Lose Weight Fast With Green Tea

Several studies proved that green tea and its extract can result in an accountable increase in weight loss and energy expenditure, along with anticancer properties of green tea. There is scientific evidence that green tea increases metabolic rate by 4-10 % of basal metabolic rate.

There are multiple mechanisms by which green tea helps in fast weight loss:

  1. It acts as an appetite suppressant that makes you eat less.
  2. It increases your metabolism which helps to burn more calories, hence food intake is decreased by appetite suppressant action and stored calories are burnt by increasing metabolism. Both of them effects together in fast weight loss.
  3. The Tea acts as a glucose regulator which means green tea extracts prevent glucose uptake by fat cells, in this way glucose is not stored in fat cells and the amount of fat is not increased even with high carbohydrate intake.
  4. It decreases the release of carbohydrates and this leads to the utilization of fats for energy. Hence, it decreases fat stores.
  5. It has a potent diuretic activity which removes excess water from your body and decreases the water weight of the body.
  6. Evidence-based studies proved that 35 – 45 % of body fat can be burnt during the day when you consume 3 – 5 cups of green tea.
  7. Research studies show that when you take green tea every day for three months your loss of body fat will be more than those who take regular tea.
  8. It reduces the fat stored under the skin and belly if consumed continuously.

Many studies show that people who consume green tea for more than 10 years have a very small amount of fat in their body especially in subcutaneous tissue and in the belly as compared to those who don’t take green tea or those who consume regular tea.


From all the above given mechanisms and evidences it is clear that regular use of green tea helps in fast weight loss, increases metabolism i.e. thermogenic effect, decreases body stores of fats, decrease glucose uptake into fat cells, decrease utilization of glucose for energy and increases utilization of fats for energy purposes, and possess a strong diuretic effect by which it causes the secretion of large amounts of water from the kidneys and reduces water weight of the body. Hence, it is very obvious that the continuous use of green tea helps to lose weight fast.

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