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21 Day Morning Detox Routine for Gorgeous Skin

When toxins build up in the body, the skin often is the first thing to start showing the buildup of those toxins. Unfortunately, we encounter toxins every day in the environment and in many of the products we use. More than likely, you use a lot of skincare products that have many chemicals in them as well, which can end up doing more harm than good for your skin.

If you start eliminating some of those toxins, you’ll enjoy more beautiful, and healthier skin. One brilliant technique for improving your skin and detoxing your body is the morning detox routine lemon detox, a detox plan that you can follow for 3 weeks.

The Health Benefits of Lemon
Why should you use lemon to give you glowing skin and detox your body? Well, lemon offers many excellent health benefits. Adding lemon to your body regularly as part of the morning detox routine can have some good results. Here are a few of the health benefits lemons have to offer.

  1. Keep the Body Alkalized

    One of the health benefits of lemon is that it helps to keep the body alkalized. The body works best when it is alkaline, and while lemons are acidic, they have an alkaline-forming effect on the fluids of the body, helping your body get back to its natural pH.

  2. High in Vitamin C

    Lemons are also very high in vitamin C, as well as flavonoids. Vitamin C helps to keep away colds and the flu. Even better, the vitamin C helps to eliminate free radicals within your body, which are linked to diseases and ageing. By eliminating free radicals, they help to reduce the signs of ageing on the skin.

  3. Cleanses Toxins and Excess Waste

    Another advantage of lemon is that it helps remove excess waste from the body and cleanse toxins since it helps get your bowels moving. A bit of lemon juice with water in the morning can keep bowels moving normally to eliminate toxins and any excess waste that may be in your colon.

  4. Stimulates the Liver

    You’ll also find that lemons help to stimulate the liver, dissolving different toxins. The liver works to eliminate toxins, yet even the liver should be detoxified every once in a while, and lemon juice can help.

  5. Antibacterial Properties

    Lemon juice has antibacterial properties as well, helping to eliminate different types of bacteria. This helps to prevent diseases and fights off bacteria that may cause skin blemishes.

  6. Stronger Blood Vessels

    Bioflavonoids found in lemons help to strengthen your blood vessels. Ruptured blood vessels in the skin making it difficult for the skin to get the nutrients needed, so strengthening those blood vessels helps to benefit your skin too.

  7. Keep Off the Pounds

    Lemon water cleanses the liver and breaks down fatty cells, thus making us lose weight in the process. We will also be less bloated, and the body will not store excess fluids while increasing our metabolic rate in the process.

Here’s what you do: Right when you wake up before you eat anything – drink a big glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon. The health reasons were mentioned above, but I’m most excited about the change of perspective that this routine offers.

Creating Your Lemon Detox Drink

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2-4 cups of warm water
  • Straw for sipping the lemon
  • Each morning, take about 2-3 cups of warm water and squeeze in the juice from half of a lemon.
  • Drink this first thing in the morning, before breakfast, and then eat as normal. Though, you may find that by starting your day with this healthy intention, it really changes the way you think about what kind of foods you want to eat the rest of the day!
  • If your mornings are rushed, just drink your lemon water as you get dressed.
  • Do this every single morning for 21 days, then report back and tell us what changes you’ve noticed.

Note: To protect your teeth, drink acidic beverages through a straw.

After you finish the first couple weeks of using this morning detox lemon drink, you are going to notice a big difference in your skin and the rest of your body. Skin will be clearer; you’ll see that eye circles begin to disappear, and skin will start to glow as well. You will probably notice more energy and you’ll find it easier to control your weight too.

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